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Love a Shopify theme but need customisations? Our team specialises in non-destructive Shopify theme modifications, ensuring your online store remains agile, responsive, and flexible. Enhance your Shopify website to captivate customers and drive business growth with our expert Shopify theme customisation.

Shopify Plus Experts

Elevate your website with our professional Shopify theme customisation, designed to delight your audience and drive success.

While Shopify offers hundreds of pre-made themes that generally meet business needs, your store may require a unique look and enhanced functionality to better serve customers and boost your online presence.

Our Shopify experts in Melbourne specialise in transforming standard Shopify themes into unique, brand-consistent designs that truly reflect your brand identity and enhance brand recognition.

For businesses needing special features, our Shopify expert team seamlessly integrates custom functionalities into your theme, creating an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

Take your Shopify store to the next level with our tailored Shopify theme modification solutions, to impress customers and achieve success.

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Expert Shopify Theme Cusomisation

Boost your brand with tailored Shopify themes

Discover the advantages of our expert Shopify theme customisation

Boost online presence

Our Shopify designers expertly customise your chosen theme to reflect your brand identity. Key elements like your logo, colour scheme, graphics and typography are strategically placed, creating a cohesive and visually appealing storefront that engages your audience

eCommerce website design services - Increased revenue

Increase revenue

Our customised Shopify themes enhance user experience, navigation menu, resulting in a user-friendly, and responsive website. We optimise the placement of CTAs, hero images, and product descriptions to effectively communicate your offerings, significantly improving conversion rates.

eCommerce Website Design Speed Optimisation Marketing Tools

Enhance SEO performance

We improve your site's SEO by optimising images and code, removing unnecessary elements, and streamlining the user experience. These enhancements boost page loading speeds and elevate your site's search engine ranking, attracting more organic traffic.

eCommerce website design services-Enhanced customer engagement

Improve credibility

By adding custom sections like testimonials, reviews, and trust seals, we enhance your brand's credibility. These elements guide visitors through their buying journey, improving navigation and sales funnels, building trust and ultimately increasing conversions.

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We offer a full range of Shopify theme customisation

Having a Shopify store and often or occasionally need help with design tweaks, function updates, or system integrations. It's time for expert assistant! Our experienced Shopify designers and developers can help you with all kinds of things you want to do to give your Shopify store a boost.

eCommerce Website Design Tweaks Theme Customisations

Shopify design tweaks

Any changes or tweaks that you can think of, send us the list. We’ll analyse the tasks, propose strategies and solutions, provide a quote and get them done for you. We don’t need to have built your Shopify theme to help make changes. Let’s talk.

Shopify Plus theme customisation

Shopify theme modifications

Starting with a free or paid Shopify theme and looking to personalise or modify the theme to give your store a boost? Our Shopify experts can add slick new customisations and options to make your store even more engaging and converting.

Shopify Functionality Changes Extra Functions

Shopify functionality changes or extra functions

We can help you extend your store’s capabilities with additional functions. Tell us what you after and we’ll suggest the right apps plus complete the implementation to ensure everything looks stunning and works as expected.

Shopify Update Product Data Website Content

Shopify content updates

Whether you need to add a bunch of new products, create some new collections / categories or put an exciting new brand to your catalogue, we can assist. To be fair, we have different pricing structure for data entry. Get us complete the boring work for you!

Shopify Plus ongoing support

Shopify ad hoc troubleshooting

Seen an unexpected error message or found something not working correctly? Our Shopify developers are here to listen and work with you to resolve your issues or concerns as quickly as possible. Don’t delay or let these impact your sales!

eCommerce Marketing Tools

Shopify marketing integrations

Want to run a loyalty and reward program? Need help with setting up affiliate marketing? Look at unlocking more sales with email marketing automation? Or aim for reaching out to new audience through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok? Our developers make sure everything connecting seamlessly for you.

eCommerce Website eBay Listing Template Fast Loading

Shopify page speed optimisation

Customers expect a fast loading online store, and we can help you deliver. Areas that we are looking at including but not limited to: JS & CSS optimisation, image optimisation & compression, lazy loading image, core web vitals improvements. We’ll run your store on Google PageSpeed Insights, look at all the metrics and make improvements. The speed score you get is dependent on your site structure and custom code or third party apps you have, but we’ll always aim as high as possible. As a result, you get a faster site and happier customers.

eCommerce Website B2B Wholesale Portal

Shopify B2B / Wholesale Channel

Shopify Plus offers a range of B2B functions that allow you to wholesale right on your Shopify store. If you’re on the standard Shopify plan, you can still add your wholesale channel. Some common B2B functions including but not limited to trade account registration, different pricing levels for different customer groups, hiding pricing, payment terms, different shipping methods for different customer groups. Get in touch today!

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Common design tweaks to improve your Shopify store

This list is for your reference only. If you have some other ideas in mind, feel free to book an intro call with us using the button below.


What our clients have to say

We take our work seriously and aim for building strong relationships with our customers. We’re proud and honored to have received many positive comments.

Rainstorm Trusted by Queenbee

Karen Chim - Queen Bee

We would not hesitate to recommed Rainstorm

It’s their personalised service, attention to detail, lightning fast communication and their ability to grasp our concept into a design that we are so happy with. We would not hesitate to recommend Rainstorm to anyone wanting to update their site.

Rainstorm Trusted by Susan Burns Marketing

Susan Burns - Susan Burns Marketing Horticulturally

A comprehensive pallet of talent and skill sets

Having spent a fortune, in money and time, with web builders, designers and so called ecommerce experts, finding Rainstorm Studio was a “THANK GOODNESS” moment. Truly, Rainstorm team provides a comprehensive pallet of talent and skill sets, with out the weasel words and “must have” options.

Rainstorm Trusted by Premium Australia Foods


The service levels and communication is marketing leading

The service levels and communication offered by Rainstorm is marketing leading and is just what makes a good relationship even better. We highly recommend the service offerings of Rainstorm, you won’t be disappointed.

Rainstorm Trusted by Stedi

Eddie Yilmaz - STEDI

A platform that integrated our sales channels seamlessly

Of all the web development companies I have dealt with, Rainstorm have been head and shoulder ahead of the pack, at only a fraction of the cost. Our project was delivered on time, and exactly as per our project scope, and most importantly stayed on budget!!! STEDI is a multi-channel e-retailer, and Rainstorm delivered a platform that integrated our sales channels seamlessly.


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If you have the list of changes you'd like to make on your Shopify store, fill in the form on our contact us page or use the button below to book an intro call and share your ideas.

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We’ll review your task list, and might ask further questions, then send you our proposal / statement of work and pricing.

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Knowing your Shopify store being taken care of by a Shopify expert, you can feel confident and fully focus on growing your online business.


Frequently asked questions about Shopify tweaks and small tasks

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