Seamless Shopify migration services for a stress-free transition
Shopify Plus professional migration services

Seamless Shopify migration services for a stress-free transition

Thinking of moving your online store to Shopify or Shopify Plus?

Our expert team ensures a seamless, stress-free transition, empowering you to elevate your e-commerce business.

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Outdated and clunky e-commerce platform holding you back

Is your outdated and clunky e-commerce platform holding you back?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Missing essential features can leave you feeling restrained and dissatisfied because you can’t leverage the tools you need to boost sales.
  • Managing products, orders, and inventory shouldn't be a headache, but complex systems can overwhelm and stress you out.
  • It’s frustrating when your platform can’t handle more traffic or sales, making you feel stuck and unable to grow your business.

We believe your e-commerce platform should work for you, not against you. You deserve a smooth, powerful experience that drives growth, and a seamless Shopify migration process is your first step.

Migrate your online business to Shopify or Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus Partner

Join us for a smooth Shopify transition, enjoy new features, easy management, and watch your business thrive!

We totally get it – dealing with an outdated and clunky e-commerce platform is a real pain.

We've helped dozens of brands move to Shopify, and it's been a game-changer! Our seamless migration process means no disruptions for your business, and with Shopify's powerful tools, our clients have seen their revenue soar by up to 40%.

Let's make it happen for you too!


Successful Shopify migrations

We've nailed over 100 migration projects, showcasing our expertise and reliable process. Your transition to Shopify will be smooth and set your business up for success.


Mobile conversion rate

Our mobile-first designs ensure a seamless browsing experience, leading to a significant increase in mobile conversion rates for our clients' websites.


Revenue per user

Switching to Shopify means a better shopping experience. From advanced search to streamlined checkout, users can easily find and buy products, boosting revenue per user. Get ready to see your sales soar!

Why work with us

Shopify migration Ensure seamless transition

Ensure seamless transition

We handle data analysis and migration, preventing any content loss while managing SEO and URL redirections to maintain search engine rankings. This ensures a smooth transition to Shopify, preserving your brand's continuity and customer experience.

Shopify migration Enhance store design

Enhance store design

Take this opportunity to revamp your store on Shopify, leveraging our expertise in bespoke theme design for an improved user experience. We’ll build you a store that not only looks pretty but also attracts and retains customers.

Shopify migration Access expert support

Access expert support

As a Shopify partner, we offer professional support during and after migration. Our team ensures a smooth transition, optimises your store's performance, troubleshoot issues, and provides valuable insights to maximise your Shopify store's potential.

Shopify migration Reclaim time and focus

Reclaim time and focus

Shift from maintaining outdated systems to pursuing growth-focused activities. Partner with our Shopify migration experts to streamline your e-commerce operations, enhance business efficiency and have more control over your schedule, ultimately driving business growth.

Ready to transform your e-commerce business?

Schedule a strategy call today and chat with our friendly Shopify migration experts!

Our Shopify migration process

Discover how smooth our Shopify migration process can be! We'll handle all the hard work to seamlessly transfer everything from your current platform to Shopify or Shopify Plus

Shopify migration planning

1. Planning

We start by taking a close look at your current setup to spot areas for improvement. During our consultations, we'll dive into data configuration, integrations, and workflows. This helps us create a detailed audit of your e-commerce functions and tech stack.

With all the requirements, goals, risks, and timelines in hand, we'll design a strategic roadmap for a smooth and seamless transition.

Shopify migration bespoke store

2. Personalised design

Think of this migration as a chance to revamp your online presence! Elevate your brand and optimise your Shopify experience with our expert theme design and development.

We’ll make sure your store is fully responsive, fast-loading, and SEO-ready. Plus, we’ll add custom integrations to unlock amazing new features.

Shopify migration data transfer

3. Seamless transfer

Our Shopify content migration experts make the move easy, transferring all your data seamlessly — products, customer info, order history, blogs, and pages — from your current platform to Shopify.

We ensure all your metadata is preserved and set up 301 redirects to keep your SEO rankings intact during the transition.

Shopify migration launch

4. Go live

In the final stage, our team dives into thorough quality assurance and testing to make sure your Shopify store is bug-free and everything looks perfect. We follow a detailed launch checklist to smoothly take your store live.

After launch, our developers keep an eye on your site and are ready to help with any issues that pop up.

Ready to take your online business to the next level?

Schedule a strategy call with us and let’s transform your online store together. Exciting changes await!

Platforms we migrate to Shopify

Magento to Shopify Migration
BigCommerce to Shopify Migration
Neto to Shopify migration
WooCommerce to Shopify Migration
Etsy to Shopify Migration
Wix to Shopify Migration
SquareSpace to Shopify Migration

Why migrate to Shopify

E-commerce businesses often face headaches with outdated systems, market changes, managing growth, integrating new tech, and keeping everything secure. That’s why top merchants choose Shopify. It tackles all these challenges, giving you a reliable, all-in-one solution to launch, grow, and scale your online business.

Why migrate to Shopify effortless management

Effortless management

Shopify’s intuitive interface simplifies store management, allowing business owners to handle their stores efficiently without needing extensive technical skills.

Why migrate to Shopify unlimited customisation

Unlimited customisation

With a wide range of themes and a vast app ecosystem, Shopify enables businesses to personalise their stores to match their brand’s unique identity perfectly.

Why migrate to Shopify powerful marketing tools

Powerful marketing tools

Integrated marketing features, such as SEO tools, email campaigns, and social media integrations, help boost promotional efforts and engage customers effectively.

Why migrate to Shopify effortless integration

Effortless integrations

Seamless integration with various platforms and tools streamlines operations, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the online store.

Why migrate to Shopify best converting checkout

Best-converting checkout

Shopify’s optimised, high-converting checkout process helps reduce cart abandonment and increase sales, providing a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Why migrate to Shopify seamless scalability

Seamless scalability

Shopify’s robust infrastructure supports businesses at every growth stage, making it easy to scale operations as demand increases without compromising performance.

Why migrate to Shopify top-notch security

Top-Notch Security

Built-in security features, including PCI compliance, ensure safe transactions and protect both customer data and the business, providing peace of mind.

Why migrate to Shopify 24 7 customer support

24/7 expert support

Shopify offers round-the-clock customer support and a wealth of resources, ensuring that assistance is always available whenever it’s needed.

Ready to supercharge your growth with Shopify?

Schedule a strategy call and chat with a Shopify migration specialist today!


What our clients have to say

We take our work seriously and aim for building strong relationships with our customers. We’re proud and honored to have received many positive comments.

Rainstorm Trusted by Queenbee

Karen Chim - Queen Bee

We would not hesitate to recommed Rainstorm

It’s their personalised service, attention to detail, lightning fast communication and their ability to grasp our concept into a design that we are so happy with. We would not hesitate to recommend Rainstorm to anyone wanting to update their site.

Rainstorm Trusted by Susan Burns Marketing

Susan Burns - Susan Burns Marketing Horticulturally

A comprehensive pallet of talent and skill sets

Having spent a fortune, in money and time, with web builders, designers and so called ecommerce experts, finding Rainstorm Studio was a “THANK GOODNESS” moment. Truly, Rainstorm team provides a comprehensive pallet of talent and skill sets, with out the weasel words and “must have” options.

Rainstorm Trusted by Premium Australia Foods


The service levels and communication is marketing leading

The service levels and communication offered by Rainstorm is marketing leading and is just what makes a good relationship even better. We highly recommend the service offerings of Rainstorm, you won’t be disappointed.

Rainstorm Trusted by Stedi

Eddie Yilmaz - STEDI

A platform that integrated our sales channels seamlessly

Of all the web development companies I have dealt with, Rainstorm have been head and shoulder ahead of the pack, at only a fraction of the cost. Our project was delivered on time, and exactly as per our project scope, and most importantly stayed on budget!!! STEDI is a multi-channel e-retailer, and Rainstorm delivered a platform that integrated our sales channels seamlessly.

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